Alpine Actions
Jim Borden

As you can see from the photos, these actions have a direct copy of the Remington tang and fit nicely into stocks inletted for Remington 700 actions---no stock or action modifications required for the tang area, the bolt notch, the port or magazine well on the Standard Alpine Model. A small notch must be cut in the stock opposite the bolt handle to accommodate the bolt stop. On the Alpine Magnum Model, the port on stock and magazine well needs to be lengthened.

Click on thumbnail pictures below for a larger picture of each.

port_side top
Alpine Magnum Port Side View         Alpine Magnum top View         
Bottom engraved-side
Alpine Magnum Bottom View Alpine Magnum Engraving View
Alpine_12 Alpine_11
      Alpine Tail in Edge Stock         Alpine Port and Bolt Notch View in Edge Stock
Alpine Magnum oblique view