Robertson Rimrock R&M Pattern Benchrest

These stocks are out of production until further notice. (11/9/11)


The Rimrock R&M pattern Light Varmint and Heavy Varmint benchrest stocks are a modified version of the original R&M pattern stock made by Robert and Margaret Adamowicz. The shape of the stock is designed to be structurally stiff specifically for benchrest shooting. Our current version of this stock is being made for us by Robertson Composites in Napean Ontario.

As noted above, the R&M pattern stock was originally developed by Robert Adamowicz in the late 1970's. We used those kevlar stocks to make a number of benchrest rifles in the 1980's and early 1990's. The original ones made by Bob in his shop were a "wrap around" shell made of Kevlar. When Bob informed us that he would no longer be making the stocks we obtained a "master" from him and obtained his permission to either make the stocks here or have the stocks made. The Kevlar fiber provides a number of challenges when working with it to be able to make stocks economically viable. Therefore, the Borden/Six version was made of carbon fiber with inner ribs and was a "wrap around" shell and some later ones were solid filled with foam to help offset the vibration obtained from using carbon fiber. The Rimrock ones made in our facility were a combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber with fore end ribs and they were a "wrap around" shell made around a solid core. We developed the Rimrock R&M pattern to make the shape and handling of the stock more appealing to shooters. The Rimrock R&M pattern is a little thinner through the pistol grip and is lower in the heel to toe as well as lower from top rail to bottom of fore-end to allow triggers to sit lower through stock opening. The Robertson technology is similar to the "boat technology" used by McMillan --it is hand laid and post filled with chopped glass/epoxy and foam. The R&M stock pattern has been copied by many manufacturers and has come to be known by many names. In fact--Bob's stocks and our version of his stock made with his permission have been used by others to make patterns for molds by other makers.

fore end side
front view

Nominal Inletted blank(1.350 diam action nominal inlet with trigger guard and trigger well inlet) a dn inclusdes machined buittplate uninstalled $600.00 plus shipping

Machined buttplate blank with anchors and screws-$25.00

Inletted and bedded and ready for glue in with port/bolt notch finished; polished trigger guard; polished buttplate installed for Rimrock Actions: $1000.00
Add $150 for standard weight system installed on HV Stock

Best to call for ordering. A pantone color chart is best used to select color. Example color chips are pictured below. Keep in mind that colors on computer screens are not necessarily the actual shade of the color.

black_silver Black with Silver Granite
dk green silver Dark Green with Silver Granite
lt green silver Light Green with Silver Granite
red black Dark Red with Black Granite
blue silver Dark Blue and Silver Granite pink black Pink with Black Granite
Black Green Black with Green Granite lt blue Light Blue with Silver Granite
white White with Gold Granite yellow Yellow with Black Granite
teal Teal with Granite violet Violet with black granite
white_green White with Neon Green granite black purpleBlack with Violet granite
black with cobalt blue Black with Cobalt Blue Granite  

edited 11/9/2011

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