2021, 2022, 2023 Berger Southwest National Championship Winning Receivers

Borden Rimrock Actions

Bolt action receivers for hunting, competition, ELR, varmint, PRS, and other long range shooting applications.


Precision Rifles

Even though our focus is building precision bolt action recievers, we do still build a few Precision Rifles every year.  The rifles range from BR Competition Rifles, Varmint Rifles, and many others. If you have a project in mind, feel free to reach out to us to discuss your build.

Custom Bolt Action Receivers

The Alpine, Timberline, and Mountaineer series actions are made specifically for use in stocks inletted for Remington 700 short and long actions. The Ridgeline receiver is a true medium length action between the Remington Short and Long profiles. McMillan, Manners, and AB Composites offer inletting profiles for the Ridgeline receiver in house. The Bigfoot receiver will fit a slightly modified Remington 700 Long inlet and are designed to be used with the 338 Lapua and Norma Magnum cartridge families. The build your custom receiver below can be used as a guide for picking options.  It is best to call or email for actually placing action orders.

A Leading Manufacturer for Custom Rifles and Actions

Tightest Tolerances In The Industry

Unparalleled precision in bolt fit, bolt face perpendicularity, and the industry’s most concentric threads to the axis of the receiver. Precision, drag free fire control system

Championship Winning

Borden bolt action receivers have been used to set many world records in Short Range and Long Range Bench Rest for IBS and NBRSA, F-Class, a few Big Game World Records.

Our Stocking Dealers

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Maintenance Schedule

Follow the following timeframes for optimal performance

  • Replace firing pin spring – Every 5,000 Rounds
  • Use white lithium grease to lube the back of the lugs and the cocking cam routinely. 
  • Do Not use acid to clean carbon debris

“Testimonials Coming Soon”

“Testimonials Coming Soon”

“Testimonials Coming Soon”

“Testimonials Coming Soon”

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