PVD Coated Bolts


Our bolt bodies are made of hardened chrome moly steel and the bolt handles and shrouds are stainless steel.  Many of our customers have shown great interest in getting the bolts coated to assist in helping to prevent hazing or oxidation on the bolt bodies during hunts and storage.  There are many topical coatings out there and most of them add thickness.  I have had great luck with Xylon Coating and Herb Coates of HC Precision of Govenour, NY has been my choice for doing that coating.  It is a slick coating that is matte black and gives good service.  Some customers have used Ceracoat and I find that satisfactory on the external metal surfaces of rifles.  However, I do not like the bolt body or inside of the action coated with Ceracoat.  We have been pursuing options for having the bolts treated so that no thickness is added and at same time improve our already slick operating bolts.  I am happy to report that we have had success in finding a source for that type of bolt treatment.  The above pictured bolt is a bolt treated with Blackcat.  It has a micro surface hardness of 3500 Vickers and the coating is extremely durable.  We will also be able to offer the treatment in  CrN which has a silver gray color.  It has to be done in batches of 25 to 30 bolts at a time so we will be soon deciding on black or the CrN.  Input on preference of Black or the silver/gray would be appreciated.


Jim Borden


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