Taking Orders for the New Rimrock BRMXD actions

Cell phone pictures of the NEW Rimrock BRMXD receiver.

Rimrock BRMXD actionThe first new Model Rimrock BRMXD action was finished today. These actions will be perfect for Benchrest HV, 600/1000 yard light and Heavy Gun and F open rifles.  They are about 1.470 in diameter and have the same port positions and headspace as the BRM actions.  We are also offering a .215 hardened spacer so individuals can use barrels they have fitted for their Panda actions. The BRMXD features an optional bottom bolt on recoil lug.  We currently are offering davidson style dovetail neutral bases and a pinned 20 MOA pica tinny rail.  The RBRP receiver with bolted on bottom recoil lug weighs 42.6 ounces.



One thought on “Taking Orders for the New Rimrock BRMXD actions

  1. I plan to build a 6BR with a 1.250 straight (no tapered) barrel. I want a left port Right Bolt Bottom ejection action.This will be used for heavy gun 1000 yard benchrest. With that much barrel,which action would you recommend? Also which lug? I would also want a 20moa base. thanks for your advice.

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