New Product—Borden Rimrock BRM Right Bolt left Port Bottom eject

Borden Rimrock BRM Right Bolt Left Port receiver with bottom ejection port


Please excuse the fact that I failed to clean the dust and grease from the bolt prior to taking the picture of the bolt nose and extractor 🙂

_81A7490At the continued encouragement of Greg Taylor and Alex Wheeler we have developed a bottom eject model receiver for our BRM and BRMXD line of actions.  the hold up has been having a suitable extractor.  We did not wish to use a Remington style extractor due to the flat combined with coned nose on bolt that would make the model have a unique breaching system from our other actions. For many years I have been interested in using a internal hook extractor that does not require breaching the outer diameter of the bolt nose. the one we have developed is not unique to us but it has been difficult to find a screw machine shop willing to produce it. So, we decided to produce them here on our Hardinge CNC Chucker–not a very efficient way to make them-but a necessary way in order to get them made to make this model available. One of the key advantages to the bottom eject model is that it eliminates the need for a plunger ejector which made bolt closing simpler.

Here is a short video of demonstration of how one works. We will be accepting orders for RBLPBP BRM and BRMXD beginning August 1, 2016

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