Ridgeline and Titanium actions will soon be introduced

We have an Alpine Magnum action made in Titanium ready to send out to be PVD treated.  The action looks good and I am sure will be a hit.  Right now introductory pricing will be $1900.0 for Alpine and Alpine Magnum in Ti and $1995.00 for Timberline and Timberline Magnum in Ti.  Current delivery is about 20 weeks and we will commence taking orders about 11/21/16.  We plan to test fire the prototype after PVD treatment to test for reliable function and cycling prior to accepting any orders.

We have finally located a supplier willing to make the magazine boxes for the Ridgeline actions. we are hoping the test boxes arrive soon along with the custom Obendorf style drop floor plates.  The actions will be sold complete with the bottom metal.  Keep watch here for updates.

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