New Rimrock BRM Multi Flat action-BRMMF


We are taking orders for the New Rimrock BRMMF action.  Its is round on bottom (radius .735 inches) and it is 1.4 inches across flats.  The RBRP version with screw on bottom lug weighs 40 1/2 ounces.  It is available RBRP, RBLP, RBLPRE, RBLPBE, LBLP, LBRP, LBRPLE, LBRPBE.  Action body is 416 Stainless hardened to 40 to 41 Rc, teh bolt body is 4140 chrome moly hardened to 43 to 44 Rc.  The bolt shroud, bolt stop and bolt handle are all stainless steel.  the trigger hanger is aluminum. It si available 308 boltface, magnum boltface and the bottom eject also offers a PPC boltface.  The stand ejection uses 308 boltface for PPC.

non dual port actions are $1325 plus $75 for bolt on lug. Dual port actions are $1400 plus $75 for bolt on lug.  We will have Dovetail bases and pic rails available soon.

2 thoughts on “New Rimrock BRM Multi Flat action-BRMMF

  1. Hello,

    Concerning the NEW RIMROCK BRM Multi Flat action BRMMF,
    is the boldface in 308 is the same than the ppc Boltface ?

    Best regards

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