Internal Hook Extractor

internal hook extractor

I had previously shared a picture of the Internal Hook extractor installed in one of our coned single shot bolts that we use for the bottom eject Rimrock Benchrest actions.  The above picture is of the internal hook extractor installed in a Borden Timberline Magnum bolt. We are now offering that extractor on bolts that have the repeater nose in 308 and magnum bolt faces.  the extractor does not require any machining of slots in the outside surface of the bolt.  The extractor becomes of better option for those not wanting the Sako style extractor as it keeps ejection angle low and also minimizes the machining of the outside surfaces of the bolt body.

Alpine, Timberline, Ridgeline, Rimrock SSR, Rimrock LSR, Mountaineer models can all be ordered with the internal hook extractor for 308 and magnum bolt faces effective immediately.

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