Borden Bigfoot and Borden Denali Actions

We are now taking orders for bolt action receivers that are compatible with the 338 Lapua bolt face size (.590).  There are two versions of the actions.  One is designed as single shot or repeater to fit oversized Rem 700 long stocks and the other is a benchrest style action.  The Borden Bigfoot action fits an over sized Rem 700 long inletted stock.  The action is 1.4 inches in diameter and has 1 1/8 x 18 TPI thread tenon, a .750 diameter bolt that has 1.063 diameter lugs and .475 high lugs.  It utilizes either the sako style or internal hook extractor (can be ordered either way for the repeater version-the single shot version uses sako style and has coned bolt nose).  The scope rail is held on using 8×40 screws in holes that are thread milled and the rail is located on the action with 2 1/8 inch dowel pins.  The magazine well is cut to use the wyatt CFE12.  We are working also getting it to handle the CFE9. The Borden Denali is a 1.470 diameter action that uses our long bolt (equivalent to the bolt throw of Rem 700 long).  It also uses the 1 1/8×18 TPI thread tenon and .750 diameter bolt with 1.063 lug diameter.


Pictures available soon

Borden Bigfoot action with integrated recoil lug, screwed and pinned 20 or 30 MOA pic rail $1350 plus ship

Borden Denali action with screw on bottom lug, screwed and pinned 20 or 30 moa pictainny rail $1600.00 plus ship


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