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Borden Accuracy/Borden Rifles is a family run business. Jim began shooting high power silhouette and benchrest competition in the mid 1970’s while working for a Fortune 500 company as an engineer. In the early 1980’s he began building his own rifles and eventually started building them for others. Jim Borden retired from a Fortune 500 company as a Professional Mechanical Engineer in December 1994 to devote full time to custom gun building. Jim has a background as a gunsmith, machinist, registered professional mechanical engineer, engineering instructor, project manager, hunter and benchrest competitor. He has set ten world records (One world record set in 1985 stood until July 2007). He has also won 11 National Championships thereby earning 14 Benchrest Hall of Fame points and was inducted into the Untited States Benchrest Hall of Fame in may 1997. He has also received the Gold Precision Rifleman Award from the International Benchrest Shooters. The Gold Precision Rifleman Award is given to IBS competitors who have achieved 100 points in competition over a number of competitive seasons. Points are earned by winning registered benchrest matches and by consistently placing in the top 10 in IBS Championship matches.  He served on the Executive Board of the International Benchrest Shooters from 1982 through 2008. He also served 6 terms as President of the International Benchrest Shooters.

Jim operates Borden Rifles/Borden Accuracy with his wife Joan, sons Jim Junior and John, daughter Andrea Mecca and son-in-law John (Mike) Mecca. Jim Junior is in charge of the EDM that cuts the action raceways, does the action polishing and is also a cnc machine operator. Jim, John, Andrea and Mike manufacture the actions and Jim barrels and assembles the rifles.

Rifles manufactured by Borden Rifles have won numerous Benchrest events including over 100 World Records and National Championships. Jim Borden developed and piloted many of the action truing techniques that are now widely used in the custom rifle manufacturing industry. Many shops advertise that they build to benchrest standards or use “dialed in” benchrest techniques. The Borden shop has developed those techniques and they have been proven in Borden Rifles in registered competition. The award winning rifles utilize The NEW Rimrock actions that are made in the Borden facility with patented “Borden Bumps”. Particular care is put into each and every rifle that comes out of the Borden shop to produce extremely accurate rifles – whether they are for hunting, plinking or competition. Prices reflect the time and care that is used to customize and manufacture rifles and accessories to high standards. Borden Rifles are recognized for reliability and extreme accuracy in hunting as well as competitive applications.

The Borden Rifles manufacturing facility consists of 2 buildings encompassing over 6000 square feet of shop and show room area. The shop is equipped with 3 Vertical CNC Machining centers, 1 CNC lathe, 2 CNC turning centers, a CNC Wire EDM, a cylindrical grinder, 3 manual lathes, 1 manual milling machines, a custom made closing cam machine, Sunnen Hone, Rockwell Hardness Tester, and various buffers, grinders and small equipment. Two small surface plates, 1 large surface plate, electronic test equipment and an optical comparator are used for quality testing. We have our own 100 yard range with two covered solid concrete benches for rifle accuracy testing.



Jim Borden has a background as a gunsmith, machinist, mechanical engineer, hunter and benchrest competitor. He has set ten benchrest world records.


Rifles and actions manufactured by Borden Rifles have been used to win over 100 Benchrest, F Open and FTR World Records and National Championships.


The shop is equipped with the latest technology in CNC Machining centers and lathes.


Jim operates Borden Rifles/Borden Accuracy with his wife Joan, sons Jim Junior and John, daughter Andrea and son-in-law John (Mike) Mecca.

Award Winning Rifles and Actions


Jim Borden

Jim manages the business and does new product design as well as doing all of the barrel chambering work.

Joan Borden

Joan is co-owner and manages the operations of the business and is the business office manager.

Jim (Junior) Borden
Stock Technician and CNC operator

Jim Junior did the stock bedding and finish work when that work was being done at Borden Rifles.  Now he does the action polish work as well as operates the EDM and cnc machines

John Borden
CNC Machinist

John is a CNC machinist and he runs and programs the CNC machines that are used for making actions as well as brazing the bolt handles on actions. John also assists his brother Jim running the EDM.

Andrea Mecca
Administrative Assistant/CNC Operator machinist

Andrea is our Administrative Assistant and is CNC operator/machinist.  Andrea is also a talented shooter and was a very competitive BR shooter when she was in High School.

John (Mike) Mecca
CNC Machinist

Mike is a CNC machinist and programmer. He is also responsible for the final fitting of all of the Borden actions.