Borden Action Barrel Stub Drawings

Alpine, Ridgeline, Mountaineer, Timberline Repeater Thread Stub Drawing

Rimrock SSR, Rimrock LSR Repeater Thread Stub drawing (#SR0126 & Higher)

Alpine, Ridgeline, Mountaineer, Rimrock HBR, Timberline Single Shot Thread Stub Drawing

Rimrock SSR, Rimrock LSR Single Shot Thread Stub drawing (#SR0126 & Higher)

Rimrock BR, BRM, BRMXD, BRMMF,BRL,BRLXD, BRLMF B Thread Stub (BR0080 and higher)

Rimrock BR, BRM, BRL, B with Recoil Lug thread stub (BR0080 and higher)

Borden Super Short 6 action with .25 Recoil lug

Borden Bigfoot repeater Barrel tenon drawing

Borden Bigfoot single shot barrel tenon drawing

Borden Rimrock Denali Barrel tenon drawing

Be advised that these drawings are provided for reference and that we strongly recommend that only qualified individuals perform barrel fitting and that the individual confirms dimensions on the actions using precision tools.