Alpine XP LH side

The Borden Alpine XP actions are made to fit into a Remington XP100 stock inlet.  They are compatible with rear grip or midsection grip stocks.  The Standard port option is a BR style port that requires the rear guard screw to go in conventionally from the bottom of the action.  We offer an emulated XP100 port that allows using the standard XP100 rear guard screw going through hole into action to embedded pillar in stock. The action can use Talley Lightweight rings made for Borden actions (.860 hole spacing with 8×40 screws), Borden Davidson style bases or Borden neutral or 20 MOA pic rails. The bolt handle is available as standard knob, Big knob or threaded handle with or without our threaded knob.  We also offer DLC coating as an option.

The barrel tenon is like our Alpine/Timberline series of actions.  It is 1 1/16×18 TPI and action headspace is .625 plus recoil lug thickness.  Port length is 2.750 inches and Right Bolt Right port, Right Bolt Left Bolt, Left Bolt Left port and Left Bolt Right port versions are available.

alpine xp rh side