The new action from Borden Accuracy (Borden Super Short 6) features a Rem 700 short action compatible footprint with a shortened magazine well and shortened port set up specifically to reliably feed 6 BR, 6 Dasher, 6 BRA, 22 BR cartridges.  development work will be done to also do 223 and the PPC family.  The bolt has modified Borden bumps to aid in cycling in the dirty environment.  the rear end of the bolt is fitted to less than .002 diametral clearance with the action body bore to ensure locking lug lockup to result in superior accuracy and precision.  The remainder of the bolt is relieved to .006 inch diametral clearance.  The pictured action shows our standard bolt handle and tear drop knob. Production models will feature a handle that is threaded on the end so individuals can use their preferred knobs.  I have been one of the individuals that developed the bolt timing and neutral handoff with the trigger for competition shooting to minimize rifle upset in the bags when closing the bolt.  These actions will be available with either the neutral timed handoff or with about .03 to .035 inch cock on close.  The cock on close option has much easier bolt lift that seems to be favored by PRS competitors. For now the bolts will have spiral flutes but future versions will have diamond flutes as an option.  the rails are 20 MOA aluminum picatinny spec rails that extend three notches beyond the front of the action.  rails are secured to the action with 4 8×40 screws in holes that were milled and thread milled (no taps are used) and with 2 interference fit 1/8 inch dowel pins. The actions also feature a dual blind pinned hardened and ground stainless steel 1/4 inch thick recoil lug. The standard finish is beadblasted stainless for action body, and shroud.  Bolt is ground finish hardened chrome moly and the rail is beadblasted aluminum.  PVD treatment of bolt or bolt, shroud, bolt stop, action and rail available.  We are also pursuing possibly offering salt bath nitride of the bolts and shrouds. A ground and polished finish will also be available for action body, polished aluminum for rail and polished stainless for shroud.

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Pricing is in the chart with Alpine, Timberline, Ridgeline and Mountaineer actions.  Click here