Jesse (JR) Rigsby does it Again!!


Jesse (JR) Rigsby has done it again.  We reported on his excellent performance in the UBR competition shooting last year and he has continued his winning streak using his Borden Rimrock BR ACTIONS. 
UBR Grand Champion Custom Class 2016
UBR Grand Champion Unlimited Class 2016
Tennessee State Champion 2015 and 2016
UBR Shooter of the Year 2015
UBR Unlimited class 300 yard World Record
UBR Unlimited Class 100/300 yard World Record
UBR Unlimited Class 200/300 Yard World record
UBR Unlimited Class 100/200/300 yard World Record
keep up the good shooting JR!
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New Product—Borden Rimrock BRM Right Bolt left Port Bottom eject

Borden Rimrock BRM Right Bolt Left Port receiver with bottom ejection port


Please excuse the fact that I failed to clean the dust and grease from the bolt prior to taking the picture of the bolt nose and extractor 🙂

_81A7490At the continued encouragement of Greg Taylor and Alex Wheeler we have developed a bottom eject model receiver for our BRM and BRMXD line of actions.  the hold up has been having a suitable extractor.  We did not wish to use a Remington style extractor due to the flat combined with coned nose on bolt that would make the model have a unique breaching system from our other actions. For many years I have been interested in using a internal hook extractor that does not require breaching the outer diameter of the bolt nose. the one we have developed is not unique to us but it has been difficult to find a screw machine shop willing to produce it. So, we decided to produce them here on our Hardinge CNC Chucker–not a very efficient way to make them-but a necessary way in order to get them made to make this model available. One of the key advantages to the bottom eject model is that it eliminates the need for a plunger ejector which made bolt closing simpler.

Here is a short video of demonstration of how one works. We will be accepting orders for RBLPBP BRM and BRMXD beginning August 1, 2016

New Barrel Vise for Hunting Rifles


We will soon have barrel vises built per the above drawing for sale.  The vises are primarily intended to be used to remove barrels from our barreled actions that have common hunting tapers and a 1.2 inch diameter cylinder just ahead of the action.  The vise utilizes bushings to grip the barrel.  At first we will only have bushings for 1.2 and 1.25 inch cylinder diameters.  We may later offer bushings with taper to match the common berets taper barrels.

We will be establishing the selling price over the next two to three weeks.

Titanium Here We Come

We have been working for a while here on designing and producing some Titanium actions.  It is not one of my favorite materials to work with and it has its limitations in an action application.  But there are many that want the weight savings and are willing to put up with some of the disadvantages of having a Titanium action body.  The additional stretch of Ti versus Chrome Moly and Stainless Steel can make bolt opening more difficult.


Here are two slugs that are the throw away portion of the center of the action after we have EDM cut the bolt bore and raceways.  The slug on left is Ti and the slug on right is 416 SS.  The Ti slug weighs about 7 ounces and the 416 SS slug weighs 13.5 ounces.  It will be a few weeks before we have pictures of the first ti short action. We have not figured out pricing on the Ti models yet.



Rimrock BRMXD Action Pictures

Here are some  pictures of the Right Bolt Right Port Model Rimrock BRMXD.  It is also available RBLP; LBLP; LBRP; RBLPRE; LBRPLE.  The single port model with optional bottom bolt on recoil lug weighs 42.6 ounces.  It is 1.470 inch in diameter and is 8.14 inches long.  It is available in ground finish as shown or with high polish finish.  AlTiN PVD coated bolt option is also available.


_4SB1928Borden Rimrock BRMXD RBRP Action_4SB1927

Taking Orders for the New Rimrock BRMXD actions

Cell phone pictures of the NEW Rimrock BRMXD receiver.

Rimrock BRMXD actionThe first new Model Rimrock BRMXD action was finished today. These actions will be perfect for Benchrest HV, 600/1000 yard light and Heavy Gun and F open rifles.  They are about 1.470 in diameter and have the same port positions and headspace as the BRM actions.  We are also offering a .215 hardened spacer so individuals can use barrels they have fitted for their Panda actions. The BRMXD features an optional bottom bolt on recoil lug.  We currently are offering davidson style dovetail neutral bases and a pinned 20 MOA pica tinny rail.  The RBRP receiver with bolted on bottom recoil lug weighs 42.6 ounces.



Rimrock BRMXD and BRM-MF


Just a sneak peak iPhone photo of the tang of the new Rimrock BRMXD action.  The tang of a Rimrock BR is on the right as a comparison.  The XD version of the BRM action is 1.470 in diameter and is round.  It is available with no recoil lug, with a pinned on recoil lug in front or with a bolted on recoil lug on the bottom.  Screwed and pinned 20 MOA and 30 MOA aluminum picatinny rails will also be available.  We are taking orders for these now for delivery in January and February 2016.  We will also very soon have a 1.4 inch multi flat version of the BRM.  keep watching here for the announcement.

Action and Bolt PVD Treatment


Effective immediately we are offering PVD treatment of bolts and/or actions.  The treatment is available as “BlackCat” which is a matte black or AlTiN which is between black matte and dark gray.  The surface has a Vickers micro hardness of 3500 and it aids in corrosion protection of the chrome moly bolt body and adds more slickness to an already slick action.


Treatment of bolt only is $80 and treatment of entire action, bolt and shroud and recoil lug is $300.00

Jesse Rigsby Wins UBR 2015 Score Shooter of the Year


Congratulations to Jesse Rigsby for winning the 2015 UBR Score Shooter of the Year Title as well as setting three new UBR Records with his rifle built using a Borden Rimrock BR action.  He steered the rifle to set a new UBR 100-300 yard score record, a new UBR 100-200-300 yard UBR Score Record and a new UBR 200-300 yard score record.  Keep up the good shooting Jesse and thanks for your confidence in Borden.