Borden Chassis Rifles

Chassis rifles are becoming very popular not only for compettion like PRS but also for varmint and long range rifles. Our chassis rifles utilize our Mountaineer (or Super Short 6 action), Trigger Tech Diamond trigger, Hart, Krieger or Brux barrel, Borden 20 MOA pinned pic rail, Accurate 10 round mag and MPA, PDC or Accuracte mag chassis.  Chambering is performed as though we were building a competition rifle and the action is bedded stress free into teh chassis to provide optimum accuracy. Standard action finish is black nitride and Hard black anodize for the rail.  We occassionally have some chassis rifles built for off the shelf sale and we also offer on special order.  Price of Chassis rifle with Black nitride Mountaineer action with integral lug, 20 moa pinned black rail; (6MM Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor or 6.5×47 Lapua) Krieger 26 inch barrel-spiral fluted; Trigger Tech Diamond trigger; Borden full radial Brake; Bedded MPA matrix chassis, 1 ten round magazine, Pelican case and ground shipping to FFL in lower 48 states $5775.00

6 Dasher rifle

Details of above Chassis rifles.

  • Borden Mountaineer action with pinned lug
  • 20 MOA Black hard anodized pinned pic rail
  • Trigger Tech Diamond Trigger
  • Hart Barrel spiral fluted and chambered 6MM Creedmoor
  • Borden full radial brake blended to barrel taper (5/8x24x.6 thread)
  • shown with optional Accu Tac Bipod mounted
  • MPA Matrix Chassis
  • The One with MPA Matrix Patriopt Chassis is extra charge


Maintenance Schedule

Follow the following timeframes for optimal performance

  • Replace firing pin spring – Every 5,000 Rounds
  • Use Mil-Com bolt lube after ever cleaning behind the lugs
  • Do Not use acid to clean carbon debris

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