Unparalleled Performance

Rimrock actions are made in a Benchrest design as well as three models have Remington 700 footprints. The Rimrock BR, Rimrock BRM, Rimrock BRL and Rimrock B are single shot actions that have thick benchrest style tangs and have full round receivers with minimum port sizes as well as removeable trigger hangers. The Borden Rimrock SSR and Rimrock LSR  actions replicate the Remington 700 with a tang shape, guard screw hole spacing and magazine wells for Remington hardware. The Rimrock SSR and Rimrock LSR are available as repeaters or single shots.  The Rimrock HBR also fits the Remington 700 sort action footprint stocks and is made specifically for Hunter Benchrest competition. These actions offer concentric threads, perpendicular bolt face, perpendicular locking lugs, perpendicular action face, Borden Bumps for a very close bolt body to action bore fit when bolt is closed, 8×40 milled and thread milled holes,  stainless steel hardened bodies, and Sako style extractor.

Borden Alpine, Ridgeline, Mountaineer and Timberline actions are the most accurate repeater hunting actions on the market. They are manufactured to true benchrest tolerances and yet are made to be reliable in the field.

Alpine Actions and short Mountaineer actions are made to use stocks inletted for the Remington 700 short action. (Repeater action weighs 26 1/2 oz).

Timberline Actions and Long Mountaineer actions are made to use stocks inletted for the Remington 700 long action.  (Repeater action weighs 28 1/2 ounces).

Ridgeline actions are a new addition to our action line. They are a medium length action.  they are sized to have a magazine box with a 3.2 inch opening to more effectively use the WSM and 6.5×284 family of cartridges. A Magnum version of the Timberline and Alpine actions requires lengthening port opening in stock.

We are manufacturing a version of our Alpine and Timberline actions designed specifically to be used in tube gun kits that are made to use Remington 700 actions.

The actions have no bolt stop, no scope mounting holes and are not slabbed on the sides like the hunting version of the Alpine and Timberline.  The magazine well has no feed rails as it is designed to use AI magazine boxes. These actions are available RH and LH and are also available as single shot or repeater

About Borden Actions

The Rimrock and Alpine/Timberline actions were designed by Gary Amatrudo and Jim Borden. The actions were designed to achieve better accuracy and precision in Benchrest, Varmint and Hunting Rifles. The Alpine and Timberline actions are made specifically to be able to be used in stocks inletted for Remington 700 Actions.

The Rimrock SSR and LSR actions are also made to be used in stocks inletted for Remington 700 Actions.

The difference between the Rimrock LSR and SSR actions and the Alpine and Timberline actions is that the Rimrock actions feature the “Borden Bumps”. The already tight bolt to receiver fit on the Alpine and Timberline actions (<.002 inch) make them tighter than the competition and are ideal for precision hunting rifles.

These actions are made to specifications and tolerances that are unmatched in any other Remington “clone” action on the market.

Custom actions produced by Borden Rifles are made to benchrest precision and quality and require no modifications to deliver unparalleled accuracy

The Custom Actions manufactured by Borden Rifles operate smoothly and perform exceptionally due to the integration of key bolt and action design concepts. The combined aspects of the design integration and the execution of quality control to maintain close machining tolerances results in actions that deliver improved performance. The fire control system is designed to minimize drag in the firing pin/spring/cocking piece system. As a result, Rimrock, Alpine and Timberline actions deliver minimum locktimes while maintaining firing pin impact energy. The Rimrock actions utilize the patented Borden Bumps with a minimal difference in bolt and bump diameter to result in smooth operation and “tight” bolt lock-up. The action bodies are machined at full hardness of 38 to 40 Rc. The bolt bodies are hardened to 44 to 46 Rc. The result of these hardnesses is a smooth running and “gall resistant” action and bolt system.

The actions that are made for the WSM and Ultra mag cases have feedrails specifically designed for those cartridges.

in the USA Actions can be bought directly from us.  Rimrock BRM and BRMXD actions are stocked by Southern Precision Rifles. (bugholes.com) We also export and we have distributors in some countries. Here is a list of what we have setup in some countries.

In the UK and Europe contact Callum Ferguson at Precision Rifle Services

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In Australia contact Matt Paroz at LRP Solutions

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In Canada contact Brent Webster at Neerlandia cooperative

Click here for Neerlandia webpage

Can also contact Joe Ponto at RPS International for Canada.

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