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Rimrock Actions

Rimrock Actions

Rimrock Actions are Manufactured to Result in:

  • Concentric threads (1 1/16×18 TPI)
  • Perpendicular boltface (within .0002)
  • Perpendicular locking lugs
  • Perpendicular action face
  • The actions feature the patented “Borden Bumps” that result in a very close bolt body to action bore fit when the bolt is closed ( <.001″ diametral clearance)
  • Holes for scope bases are milled and thread milled 8 x 40 (versus drill and tap) and are in line with action bore. Thread milling results in snug threads that are concentric to the hole.
  • Rimrock BR, Rimrock BRM, Rimrock BRMXD, Rimrock BRL, Rimrock B Models feature removable trigger carriers as the standard trigger attachment system
  • Hardened and ground pinned recoil lugs are available as an option. we have two models-a single through pinned model and a blind double pinned model
  • double_pinned_lug_web
  • Action bodies are 416 Stainless Steel hardened to 38 to 40 Rc
  • Chrome Moly Action bodies are available as an option in some models
  • All Bolts are currently manufactured in one piece body with brazed on handle. Bolts are made from Heat treated 4142. Bolts are annealled and hardened to 44 to 46 Rc after primary machining. Final grinding and machininig is done in full hardened state.
  • Rimrock BR, Rimrock BRM, Rimrock BRMXD, Rimrock BRL Models are single shot and are available RBLP, RBRP, LBLP, LBRP, RBLP Right Eject, LBRP Left Eject
  • Rimrock B is single shot and is available RBLP; RBLPRE; RBRP
  • Rimrock HBR is an action specifically designed for Hunter Benchrest competition.  The action has a mag well cut that is non functional and the bolt uses a coned nose.  It is available also without the magazine cut. It is available RBRP; LBLP;RBLP;LBRP;RBLPRE;LBRPLE
  • Mountaineer RR action is similar to the SSR and LSR actions-but the body does not have the faceted lightening cuts.  It more easily allows polishing of the action which is common for PRS rifles. The short action is also available with the optional AW magazine well cut. The action is cylindrically ground and utilizes Borden Bumps on the bolt.
  • Models SSR and LSR are designed to fit Rem 700 Stock inlet and are for Light Hunting rifles and Hunter BR rifles.
  • Models SSR and LSR are available RBRP; RBLP, LBLP and LBRP and are available as repeaters or single shot
  • Sako style extractor is standard
  • M-16 style extractor available on 308 and magnum boltface bolts for an extra charge
  • Internal Hook extractor that requires no external cuts on bolt are available for 308 and magnum boltfaces.

A chart is below showing the different action models and configurations.  For specific descriptions of action models and ilustrative pictures click the links below:

Rimrock BR

Rimrock B

Rimrock BRM

Rimrock BRMXD

Rimrock BRL

Mountaineer RR

Rimrock HBR (description and pcitures coming soon)

Rimrock SSR (description and pictures coming soon)

Rimrock LSR

Rimrock BR, BRM, BRMXD and BRL Gallery

Rimrock Bolt Handle

Borden Standard Machined Bolt Handle is Standard on all right and left hand Actions.

Borden “Big Knob” Handle is available as an option on all Right and Left Hand Hunting Actions. We are also offering the Borden Machined Big Knob handle 1/2 inch shorter than our standard machined handle. This makes handle approximately same length as Remington 700 handle.  once again this is only available on hunting models


Remington bolt handle is available as an option. Be advised that Remington bolt handles may have casting marks and pits. They are what we receive from Remington and we are not responsible for the quality of these handles–we only offer for those that just have to have that handle.

Rimrock Action Models

Model DesignationAction Length (nominal-inches)Action Diameter (nominal-inches)Port Length (Inches)Action Weight (Ounces)PriceApplicationStyleConfigurations
BR7 3/81.3502.55030.25 (std)1225Benchrest VarmintSingle ShotRBRP; RBLP; LBLP; LBRP;
BR with Miniport7 3/81.3502.550 Loading 1.8 ejection$1300.00 includes ejectorBenchrestSingle ShotRBLPRE; LBRPLE
BR with miniport for 6.5×477 3/81.3502.550 Loading 1.950 Ejection29.25$1300 includes ejectorBenchrestSingle ShotRBLPRE; LBRPLE
Rimrock B7 9/161.3503.0 Loading 2.4 ejection31 (dual port)$1300.00 RBRP;RBLP;LBLP;LBRP $1375 RBLPRE; LBRPLE;RBLPBE; LBRPBEBenchrest LVSingle shot (New 2/20/14-screw in or glue in)RBRP; RBLP; RBLPRE; LBRPLE
Rimrock BB (made for BAT tenon)7 3/41.3503.0 Loading 2.4 ejection$1375.00 RBRP;RBLP;LBLP;LBRP $1425 RBLPRE; LBRPLE; RBLPBE; LBRPBEBenchrest LVSingle shot (call about barrel tenon details)RBRP; RBLP; RBLPRE LBLP; LBRP; LBRPLE
BRM8 1/81.3502.75034$1275.00Benchrest LV FTRSingle ShotRBRP; RBLP; LBLP;LBRP
BRM with minport 6PPC/BR family8 1/81.3502.750 Loading 1.8 ejection33.25$1350.00 includes ejectorBenchrestSingle ShotRBLPRE; LBRPLE
BRM with miniport 6.5×47 and 6.5×284 family8 1/81.3502.750 Loading 2.4 ejection33$1350.00 includes ejectorBenchrest FTRSingle ShotRBLPRE; LBRPLE
BRM Dual Port RSAUM and WSM8 1/81.3502.750 Loading 2.3 Ejection32$1350.00 includes ejectorBenchrestSingle ShotRBLPRE; LBRPLE
BRM with Bottom Eject8 1/81.3502.750 Loading 1.570 bottom port33$1350.00BenchrestSingle ShotRBLPBE; LBRPBE
BRMXD8 1/81.4702.75042.6$1325Benchrest HV F OpenSingle ShotRBRP; RBLP; LBLP; LBRP
BRMXD with miniport8 1/81.4702.750 loading 1.8 ejection$1400.00Benchrest F OpenSingle ShotRBLPRE; LBRPLE
BRMXD with 6.5×47 miniport8 1/81.4702.750 Loading 1.95 ejection40$1400.00Benchrest F OpenSingle ShotRBLPRE; LBRPLE
BRMXD with 6.5×284 miniport8 1/81.4702.750 Loading 2.4 Ejection39.5$1400.00Benchrest F OpenSingle ShotRBLPRE;LBRPLE
BRMXD with Bottom Eject8 1/81.472.750 Loading 1.570 bottom port$1400.00Benchrest F OpenSingle ShotRBLPBE;LBRPBE
BRMMF8 1/81.4 across flats2.750 loading$1400benchrest F Opensingle shotRBRP RBLP LBLP LBRP
BRMMF dual port8 1/81.4 across flats2.750 loading 1.8 eject; 2.4 eject 1.5 bottom ejct$1475benchrest F Opensingle shotRBLPRE; RBLPBE; LBRPLE LBRPBE; RBRPBE; LBLPBE
Rimrock HBR7.841.352.750 Loading 1.940 or 2.4 ejection28$1300.00Hunter BenchrestMag well for Hunter Benchrest Also available single shotRBLPRE;RBRP;RBLP;LBLP LBRPLE; RBLPBE; LBRPBE
BRL8 7/81.3503.50036$1400Long Range BenchrestSingle ShotRBRP;RBLP LBLP; LBRP
BRL with 30-06 miniport or 284 win bottom eject8 7/81.3503.5 Loading$1475.00Long range BenchrestSingle ShotRBLPRE-30-06 length eject port
BRLXD8 7/81.473.5 loading$1450Long Range Hunting/benchrestsingle shotRBRP;RBLP LBLP; LBRP
BRLXD with 30-06 miniport or 284 win bottom eject8 7/81.473.5 Loading$1525.00Long Range hunting/benchrestsingle shotRBLPRE;LBRPLE LBRPBE; RBLPBE
Mountaineer RR Short Action7.841.3502.750$1300.Hunting, PRS, VarmintSingle shot or repeaterRBRP;RBLP; LBLP; LBRP
Mountaineer RR Short action integrated lug1.3502.750$1430.Hunting, PRS, VarmintSingle Shot or RepeaterRBRP;RBLP; LBLP LBRP
Mountaineer RR Medium action1.35$1300Hunting, PRS, VarmintSingle Shot or RepeaterRBRP;RBLP; LBLP LBRP
Mountaineer RR Medium action integrated Lug1.35$1430.Hunting, PRS, VarmintSingle Shot or RepeaterRBRP;RBLP; LBLP LBRP
Mountaineer RR Long Action8.6901.3503.5$1300Hunting, PRS, VarmintSingle shot or repeaterRBRP;RBLP; LBLP LBRP
Mountaineer RR long action1.503.5$1430.Hunting, PRS, VarmintSingle Shot or RepeaterRBRP;RBLP; LBLP LBRP
SSR7.841.352.75026 1/2$1300HuntingRepeaterRBRP;LBLP LBLP LBRP
LSR8.6901.353.50028 1/2$1300HuntingRepeaterRBRP;LBLP; LBLP LBRP

Rimrock Action Add On Options

Rimrock Action Add On OptionPriceAvailable in online store
Polish Round Action$250.00no
RBLPRE and LBRPLE(BR, BRM, BRMXD and BRL only)$75.00no
Optional Borden Big Knob Handle (SSR, LSR and Mountaineer only)$25.00no
Optional Borden machined Short Handle (big knob diameter) SSR, LSR and Mountaineer only$25.00no
Plunger Ejector in Standard Single Shot Actions (after action is made) no charge if action is ordered with plunger$65.00no
Pinned Recoil lug (double blind pin)$65.00no
Bolt on Bottom recoil lug includes cut in action (BRMXD, BRMMF)$75.00no
Trigger tech standard trigger$225.00no
Trigger Tech Diamond Trigger$275.00no
Jewell BR Trigger blueprinted and installed$300.00no
Jewell HVRTS or BS Trigger installed (RH)$350no
BR Tang on Repeater Model$150.00no
Coned Bolt on LSR or SSR Single shot modelsNCno
Talley Style Bases made from 7050 Aluminum$45.00yes
Dovetail Bases$40.00yes
Polished Dovetail Bases$65.00yes
20 MOA Picatinny Rail pinned to action BRMXD/BRLXD only$120.00no
20 MOA Picatinny Rail pinned polished BRMXD/BRLXD$275.00yes
BRMMF dovetail neutral rail$120yes
BRMMF neutral picatinny rail$120.00yes
BRMMF 20 MOA picatinny rail$120.00yes
High polish any of above pic rails$155yes
Picatinny Aluminum 0 moa, 20 MOA, 30 moa Rail BR, BRM BRL B$110.00yes
ADL Style Machined Aluminum Trigger Guard$38.00yes
SS Shroud (now standard on all Rimrock models)NCno
Wyatt Box, Follower, spring, Machined BDL Floorplate, screws (AL)(FITTED)$300.00no
Extra Bolt complete with extractor, firing pin assembly and ejector$525.00no
Extra Firing pin assembly$175.00no

Additional Options

Two magazine box lengths are available for the repeater models-standard Remington or extended Wyatt.

The SSR and LSR are available with Chrome moly action bodies in the “white”.


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