Borden Mountaineer Action

Borden Mountaineer actions are made to fit the stock inletting done for Remington 700 Short and Long Actions.  We have added this action to the lineup to meet the needs of those wanting a “Tactical style” action and for those participating in PRS matches.  The action is precision made and the Mountaineer RR model features a version of the Borden Bumps to ensure firm lock up of both lugs to the lug seats in the action.  This version of the Borden bumps is done to provide positive lockup of the bolt lugs while at same time providing extra clearance for dirt in operations such as PRS matches. The standard Mountaineer action utilizes the same bolts as the Alpine and Timberline actions. The Timberline and Alpine line of actions already have bolts that have less clearance than any others in the industry and the Rimrock line of actions have even tighter specifications. The fit between the bolt and the action raceway hole is less than 0.002 inch at the rear receiver bridge while the remainder of the bolt has clearance of less than 0.006 inch.  The action body is made of 416 Stainless Steel hardened to 40 Rc and features a chrome moly bolt hardened to 44Rc.  The bolt is spiral fluted and utilizes a Sako style, M16 style or internal hook style extractor. The action is available as a single shot or as a repeater. The short action repeater version offers the choice of a Standard Remington short Magazine well opening, The Remington WSM family magazine well opening, the Wyatt Short Standard magazine well opening (perfect for cartridges such as the 6.5×284) the Wyatt WSM magazine well opening or the AI AW mag well opening. The long action repeater version offers the choice of a Standard Remington Long Magazine well opening, The Remington Ultra Mag family magazine well opening, the Wyatt Long Standard magazine well opening (perfect for cartridges such as the 7 STW and 300 Weatherby) and the Wyatt Ultra Mag magazine well opening. The  Wyatt length mag wells offer bullet seating 0.115 inch longer than can be obtained in Remington magazine wells.  The long action is available with 30-06, standard magnum or Dakota bolt faces.  The short action is available with 223, 308 and standard magnum bolt faces. They are available Right Bolt Right port, Left bolt left port, Right Bolt left port and Left Bolt Right Port. The action is also available with dual blind pinned 1/4 inch thick recoil lug.  The action is milled and thread milled with four 8×40 scope block mounting holes. The holes are blind and are threaded completely to the bottom of the hole.
the picture here features an optional 20 MOA rail and has the optional polished finish.

A new model called the Mountaineer IL will be available to order early summer of 2017. The Mountaineer IL features an integral recoil lug and pinned pica tinny rail. Price of the action has been adjusted to account for the additional material costs and machining time.

Mountaineer RR Short Action

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