Borden Ridgeline Action

Borden Ridgeline actions are a hybrid Remington 700 footprint.  This model is intended for mid length cartridges such as the 6.5×284 Win, 257 Roberts, 6MM Remington, 300 WSM, 7 WSM, 270 WSM and the RSAUM family of cartridges.

Getting the right fit in an action for mid length cartridges has been a challenge for years. Many cartridges like the 257 Roberts, 6.5×55 Mauser, 6MM Remington, 284 Win, 6.5×284 Win and the WSM and RSAUM cartridges have been put in the standard short action which restricts overall length of the cartridge and effects its efficiency. Those same cartridges when done in standard long action result in excess space in the magazine well. For that reason we have introduced the Ridgeline series of actions which feature an opening of 3.2 inches in the magazine box.  McMillan is inletting stock patterns that accept either Short or Long Remington actions for the Borden Ridgeline.

The Ridgeline is offered as repeater or Single shot and can be bought as a Titanium version as well (21.44 ounces with pinned SS lug).  We have “Standard” mag boxes as well as WSM/RSAUM mag boxes available for them. Also, the Obendorf style drop floorplate trigger guard systems are also available.


Ridgeline with BMClick here to See chart of all Rimrock Actions