Borden Rimrock BRMXD Action

Borden Rimrock BRMXD actions are perfect for HV Benchrest, Unlimited Benchrest, 600/1000 Yard Light and Heavy Gun Benchrest as well as F Open Class Rifles.  The action is 1.470 in diameter and is made of hardened 416 Stainless Steel.  The bolt body is hardened 4142 steel and is spiral fluted.  The action with single port and optional bottom bolt on recoil lug weighs 42.6 ounces.  Action with left or right loading port and left or right 6.5×47 miniport weighs 39.5 ounces including bolt on recoil lug. The action is available with 223 boltface, PPC/BR/308 boltface; or standard Magnum Boltface.  It is available as Right Bolt Right Port, Right Bolt Left Port, Left Bolt Left Port, Left Bolt Right Port, Right Bolt Left Port Right Eject, Left Bolt Right Port Left Eject.  There are 4 sizes of ejection ports.  The mini is 1.8 inches long and is perfect for PPC, BR cases including the Dasher variants.  The mini 6.5×47 port is 1.950 inches long and is designed for the 6.5×47 Lapua family of cases.  The mini 6.5×284 port is 2.4 inches long and is designed for the 6.5×284 family of cases.  The Magnum mini port is not very mini and is designed for ejection of the WSM and RSAUM cases.  Of course each of the longer miniports will also eject the shorter cases.  We are offering a .215 thick spacer ring for individuals that want to adapt barreled they have fitted for Stolle Panda actions.  The action comes standard with a cylindrically ground finish.  Mirror polish is available as an option.

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_4SB1928_4SB1927Borden Rimrock BRMXD RBRP Action