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Tube Gun Actions

Tube Gun Actions

The Tube gun systems such as those made by Gary Eliseo, have shown to be very successful in the high power and F Class arena. We are manufacturing a version of our Alpine and Timberline actions designed specifically to be used in tube gun kits that are made to use Remington 700 actions. The actions have no bolt stop, no scope mounting holes and are not slabbed on the sides like the hunting version of the Alpine and Timberline. The repeater versions of the action are cut with a rectangular slot to accept the center feed magazines such as the ones made by Competition Shooting Stuff and Accuracy International. The actions require no modifications to use the AI or Competition Shooting Stuff clips-stagger stack or single stack. The single shot models are solid bottom and have coned bolt nose for easy feeding.  The required Manufacturer engraving is placed on the opposite side from the serial number if an Eliseo Tube is going to be used. Having the serial number and manufacturer information show insures that items that meet ATF marking requirements are easily visible.





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Borden tube gun actions are available as short action or long action in either right hand or left hand and either single shot or repeater. We also have the CG Triggers and jewell HVR triggers available to be timed with the Tube Gun actions. CG triggers are $300 and blueprinted Jewell triggers are $275.00.  Call 570-965-2505 to order.

Short Action Single Shot-$900.00

Short Action Repeater-$950.00

Long Action Single Shot-$900.00

Long Action Repeater-$950.00

Delivery time-about 10 weeks on Tube actions

Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice.
Shipping Charges Additional.
PA Residents Add 6% Sales Tax.
Non refundable Deposit Must Accompany All Action Or Complete Rifle Orders.
Shipment Will Not Be Made Until FFL Is Received.
We strive to make an exceptional quality product and in order to accomplish
that, delivery times are NOT guaranteed.

Visa, Mastercard, Check, money order or cash are accepted as payment.

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