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Custom Rifles

Custom Rifles

Hunting Rifles

Borden Hunting Rifles are sleek, trim and very accurate. They are built using the same principles that we use to manufacture our award winning benchrest rifles. They average sub 1/2 MOA when appropriate loading techniques, good shooting techniques and wind flags are used. The rifle is built with your choice of an Alpine, Timberline or Rimrock LSR or SSR Custom Action.

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Benchrest Rifles

Borden Rifles have a proven track record in Benchrest shooting with over 100 World Records, National and State Championship Titles. The Rimrock Actions provide a strong basis for Benchrest Rifles whether they be for Group, Score or Long Range Benchrest. We are currently using Roy Hunter wood/carbon fiber laid up stocks for the short range HV and LV BR Rifles.

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Tube Gun Rifles

Enjoy a Tube Gun with a Borden Tube action that is the ultimate in smoothness and operation and is unparalleled for precision and quality.

We will assemble your tube rifle around a Tube Gun kit drop shipped to us from you or Competition Shooting Stuff. Purchase the barrel, barrel fitting, cg or Jewell trigger from us along with one of our tube gun actions and we can assemble and test the rifle for function, feeding and alignment of the scope rail.

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