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Benchrest Rifles

Benchrest Rifles

Above is Rimrock BRM 6PPC HV with Roy Hunter Stock

(this one has optional Coccabolla Wood which is no longer available)

Above is Rimrock BRM HV 30BR with Roy Hunter Stock

Standard wood and finish

Above is Rimrock BRM 6 dasher 600 yard light Gun with Roy Hunter Stock

A Proven Track Record

Borden Rifles have a proven track record in Benchrest shooting with over 100 World Records, National and State Championship Titles. The Rimrock Actions provide a strong basis for Benchrest Rifles whether they be for Group, Score or Long Range Benchrest. We are currently using Roy Hunter wood/carbon fiber laid up stocks for the short range HV and LV BR Rifles.

Congratulations to Milt Craven for his clean Sweep of the Canastota 100/200 HV/LV shoot with his  Rimrock BR 6PPC

Milt won the 2015 Firearms Industry Super Shoot Heavy Varmint Grand Aggregate shooting his Borden Rimrock BR action in a Borden Robertson Rimrock stock with barrel by Dave Bruno–Milt also was 3rd in teh 2 gun and he used his Borden Rimrock BR LV Rifle in the LV Class.

Congratulations to Randy Jarvais for his 200/300 yard VFS IBS Championship win and His clean Sweep of The Vermont 100/200 Yard State Championships

Randy Tied the 500-38X world Record VFS Grand Aggregate 9/6-7/08.

Randy reset that record to 500-40X in 2013.

Randy Shot a 250-25X, June 2014, with his Rimrock BRM 30 BR and shot another 250-25X in 2015 with the same Borden Rifle.

Randy did a Clean Sweep of the 2015 Firecracker Shoot at Orrington and Damarascota Maine-He won the 100 yard 200 yard and 300 yard Varmint for Score with his Borden Rimrock BRM 30 BR and he also won the 100 yard, 200 yard and 300 yard varmint Hunter with his Borden Rimrock HBR 30BR.

Congratulations Ken Livengood

100 yard 250-25X 3 times within 6 weeks in 2007 with a Rimrock BR Rifle.

Borden Benchrest Rifles

Borden Benchrest Rifles are manufactured using Rimrock Actions. The preferred stock choice is the R & M pattern (also know as the Adamowicz pattern) . This pattern was developed by Robert Adamowicz in the late 1970’s and has been widely copied by many other manufacturers. When one is shopping for benchrest rifles and is looking at prices, it is important to consider the value and the customer support that you get when you purchase a Borden Rifle. The rifles come complete with bedded and glued in action. The Jewell trigger is timed in the action to result in correct firing pin fall and extraction and closing cam operation. The Hart, or Krieger barrel is fitted and chambered to customer choice of caliber. The rifle comes complete with Harrell rings, Borden bases, and a seating depth gauge.

Items Pictured are Examples–many Options Available for:

  • Heavy Varmint, Light Varmint, and Unlimited Rifles For 100, 200 and 300 yard Benchrest
  • Light and Heavy Rifles for 600 yard and 1000 Yard Benchrest
  • Hunter Class Benchrest Rifles
  • Rimfire Benchrest Rifles

Rimrock LV or HV Benchrest Rifle

  • Polished Rimrock BR, Rimrock B or BRM Action
  • Bedded and glued Benchrest pattern with polished buttplate and trigger guard
  • Hart or Krieger Barrel
  • Jewell Trigger fitted, timed, deburred, polished (bix and Andy also available)
  • Borden Dovetail Bases installed
  • Polished rings
  • Seat Depth Gauge included
  • Start at $5150.00 using Rimrock BRM or Rimrock BR or Rimrock B or BRMXD Actions with Brazed on bolt handle

Rimrock Hunter Benchrest Rifle

  • Rimrock HBR (RBLPRE)action, (Rimrock SSR action or Alpine Action also available)
  • Magazine well cut
  • Coned bolt nose
  • Pillar Bedded Hunter BR stock (fiberglass/carbon fiber)
  • Jewell Trigger fitted, timed, deburred and polished
  • Hart, or Krieger Barrel
  • Borden Dovetail Bases Installed
  • Harrell Rings
  • Seat Depth Gauge
  • $5300.00 With Polished Rimrock HBR Action

600/1000 Yard Benchrest Light Rifle

  • Rimrock BR, BRM or BRL Action
  • McMillan Tooley MBR Pattern Stock
    • Texture finished
    • Pillar Bedded and glued
  • Jewell 1 1/2 ounce trigger fitted, timed, deburred and polished
  • Borden 20 MOA Picatinny Ramp
  • Hart or Krieger Barrel
  • Seat depth gauge included
  • Start at $5350 with Rimrock BR Action
  • Add $225 for brake

Borden Benchrest Shooters

Milt Craven IBS Bronze level, 2003
Julia Van Gorder wins her first Grand Agg at Bridgeville Delaware State Championships
Congratulations to John "Mike" Mecca for his 250-20X with 15 wipeouts at his second registered match. Mike had 18X going into Match 5 and had a 50-5X with 5 wipeouts on his warm up target. Mike is the cnc machinist and primary action fitter at Borden Rifles.


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