Borden Hunting Rifles

Borden Hunting Rifles are sleek, trim and very accurate. They are built using the same principles that we use to manufacture our award winning benchrest rifles. They average sub 1/2 MOA when appropriate loading techniques, good shooting techniques and wind flags are used. The rifle is built with your choice of an Alpine, Timberline, Mountaineer, Ridgeline or Rimrock LSR or SSR Custom Action. Barrel size can be from #2 to straight cylinder. The stock used on this model is the McMillan Remington Sporter Pattern, McMillan A3 Edge, McMillan A3 Sporter Edge or the Holland Sporter Pattern. Options include barrel fluting, Talley Steel Rings, or Picatinny Rail, Machined BDL Floorplate and Black Xylon coating. Other Stock patterns are available. One in particular for those that prefer Monte Carlo style cheekpieces and palm swells is the Holland Pattern Stock. Our pictures show Borden Hunting Rifles that we have manufactured. Some of the pictures have rifles with optional patterns and options.

We would also be happy to discuss building a rifle to your specifications using components that you select. We also sell just actions or barreled actions. Call for details.

For those considering a 338 Lapua, Click Here

Rifle above is example of a Borden Hunting Rifle

Price without Swarovski 3 1/2×18 BRH scope-$5100.00 (un fired)

Also available with other barrel tapers and lengths-as well as with McMillan stock with molded in color. Above rifle is example only and there are many options for a build.

(block bedded edge technology stock by TM Stockworks, texture finish, fluted barrel, muzzle brake, machined floorplate, Wyatt well

Alpine Magnum action, Trigger Tech Trigger, Talley Lightweight Rings)

Weight is 7 1/2 to 8 pounds scoped with Swarovski Z5 scope.


Rifle above is an example of Borden Hunting Rifle with A3 Stock

Price without Swarovski 3 1/2×18 BRH Scope-$5100.00 (unfired)

(block bedded edge Technology A3 stock by TM Stockworks, texture finish, muzzle brake, machined floorplate; Trigger Tech trigger

Timberline Magnum action, Talley Lightweight Rings)

Weight is under 9# with scope (#4 barrel).

Click on either rifle picture above for bigger picture.

Complete load development with accuracy guarantee available at extra cost for some calibers

We also build build barreled actions that you can choose your own stocker or we can direct you to our preferred stocker.

Complete barreled actions start at $2850.00

Includes Alpine, Ridgeline, Mountaineer or Timberline action, fitted and chambered Hart barrel; Trigger Tech trigger; machined floorplate system,

Talley Lightweight Rings and Seating Depth gauge

Barrel fluting, muzzlebrakes and coating are extra charge

Maintenance Schedule

Follow the following timeframes for optimal performance

  • Replace firing pin spring – Every 5,000 Rounds
  • Use Mil-Com bolt lube after ever cleaning behind the lugs
  • Do Not use acid to clean carbon debris

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