Borden Bigfoot and Borden Denali Actions

We are now taking orders for bolt action receivers that are compatible with the 338 Lapua bolt face size (.590).  There are two versions of the actions.  One is designed as single shot or repeater to fit oversized Rem 700 long stocks and the other is a benchrest style action.  The Borden Bigfoot action fits an over sized Rem 700 long inletted stock.  The action is 1.4 inches in diameter and has 1 1/8 x 18 TPI thread tenon, a .750 diameter bolt that has 1.063 diameter lugs and .475 high lugs.  It utilizes either the sako style or internal hook extractor (can be ordered either way for the repeater version-the single shot version uses sako style and has coned bolt nose).  The scope rail is held on using 8×40 screws in holes that are thread milled and the rail is located on the action with 2 1/8 inch dowel pins.  The magazine well is cut to use the wyatt CFE12.  We are working also getting it to handle the CFE9. The Borden Denali is a 1.470 diameter action that uses our long bolt (equivalent to the bolt throw of Rem 700 long).  It also uses the 1 1/8×18 TPI thread tenon and .750 diameter bolt with 1.063 lug diameter.


Pictures available soon

Borden Bigfoot action with integrated recoil lug, screwed and pinned 20 or 30 MOA pic rail $1350 plus ship

Borden Denali action with screw on bottom lug, screwed and pinned 20 or 30 moa pictainny rail $1600.00 plus ship


Borden Accuracy -Borden Rifles Sales Information

We have recently found that there has been some confusion about how Borden actions can be ordered.  We have a full Retail and Wholesale program here at Borden Accuracy and we welcome individual and gunsmith/dealer orders.  For a gunsmith/dealer pricelist please email us a copy of your FFL and we will email you a confidential dealer price list.

Policy Change for using B&A triggers

Effective immediately, any action order that will be using a B&A trigger will need to send the B&A trigger here for test fitting and timing.  We have been making 2 frames for the BR series of actions (BR, BRM, BRL, BRMXD, BRMMF, BRLXD, B).  One would work with Jewell and one would work with B&A. That currently does not seem to work satisfactorily as the B&A triggers we have here now time almost same as Jewell in Jewell frame.


Borden Accuracy will be using trigger Tech Triggers

We are pleased to announce that we have thoroughly tested the Rem 700 Special Trigger from trigger-Tech and we are very impressed with the performance.  The triggers are clean, crisp pull.  They do not use a conventional sliding sear but have a rolling element in them.  We are offering these on our barreled action and action orders effective immediately.  One of the advantages of the trigger is that lots of thought went into its design and they TIME with the cocking piece pick up point the same as a Timney Calvin Elite or recent Jewell trigger.  trigger tech trigger

New Titanium Action Models

Our Titanium actions have become a homerun!  Based on the experience so far we are now accepting orders for Mountaineer, Rimrock HBR, Rimrock B and Rimrock BRM actions made in Titanium with standard chrome moly bolt, aluminum shroud and full PVD treatment!

The Ridgeline, Alpine Magnum and Timberline Magnum are pictured here for illustration.

Effective 3/21/18 we are no longer accepting orders for Titanium actions.

Internal Hook Extractor

internal hook extractor

I had previously shared a picture of the Internal Hook extractor installed in one of our coned single shot bolts that we use for the bottom eject Rimrock Benchrest actions.  The above picture is of the internal hook extractor installed in a Borden Timberline Magnum bolt. We are now offering that extractor on bolts that have the repeater nose in 308 and magnum bolt faces.  the extractor does not require any machining of slots in the outside surface of the bolt.  The extractor becomes of better option for those not wanting the Sako style extractor as it keeps ejection angle low and also minimizes the machining of the outside surfaces of the bolt body.

Alpine, Timberline, Ridgeline, Rimrock SSR, Rimrock LSR, Mountaineer models can all be ordered with the internal hook extractor for 308 and magnum bolt faces effective immediately.

Introducing The Borden Rimrock BRLXD and the Borden Ridgeline actions

The Rimrock BRLXD



BRLXD Right2016 has been an exciting year of development at Borden Rifles.  The introduction of the Borden Rimrock BRMXD action in January was a success and the demand for that action also created a demand for a longer version of the larger diameter action.  We are now producing the Rimrock BRLXD version of our BRL action.  It is 1.470 in diameter. It is available with 30-06 and standard magnum boltfaces.  It is available RBRP; RBLP, RBLPRE (for 284 and 30-06 length cartridges); RBLPBE (for up to 284 Win length cases).  We are also offering the LH versions of the same combos.

Borden Ridgeline

Ridgeline left

Alpine Ridgline Timberline

Getting the right fit in an action for mid length cartridges has been a challenge for years. Many cartridges like the 257 Roberts, 6.5×55 Mauser, 6MM Remington, 284 Win, 6.5×284 Win and the WSM and RSAUM cartridges have been put in the standard short action which restricts overall length of the cartridge and effects its efficiency. Those same cartridges when done in standard long action result in excess space in the magazine well. For that reason we have introduced the Ridgeline series of actions which feature an opening of 3.2 inches in the magazine box. These images show the three lengths of action: Alpine Magnum, Ridgeline and Timberline Magnum. McMillan will be inletting stock patterns that accept either Short or Long Remington actions for the Borden Ridgeline.

The Ridgeline is offered as repeater or Single shot and can be bought as a Titanium version as well.  We have “Standard” mag boxes as well as WSM/RSAUM mag boxes available for them. Also, the Obendorf style drop floorplate trigger guard systems are expected to be here soon.

New Rimrock BRM Multi Flat action-BRMMF


We are taking orders for the New Rimrock BRMMF action.  Its is round on bottom (radius .735 inches) and it is 1.4 inches across flats.  The RBRP version with screw on bottom lug weighs 40 1/2 ounces.  It is available RBRP, RBLP, RBLPRE, RBLPBE, LBLP, LBRP, LBRPLE, LBRPBE.  Action body is 416 Stainless hardened to 40 to 41 Rc, teh bolt body is 4140 chrome moly hardened to 43 to 44 Rc.  The bolt shroud, bolt stop and bolt handle are all stainless steel.  the trigger hanger is aluminum. It si available 308 boltface, magnum boltface and the bottom eject also offers a PPC boltface.  The stand ejection uses 308 boltface for PPC.

non dual port actions are $1325 plus $75 for bolt on lug. Dual port actions are $1400 plus $75 for bolt on lug.  We will have Dovetail bases and pic rails available soon.

Borden Alpine Magnum Titanium Action

Here are some pictures of the Borden Alpine Magnum Ti action finished with the exception of the PVD treatment. The unit as shown here weighs 19.36 ounces.

After considerable discussion with three gunsmiths today I have somewhat softened my position on selling them without PVD treatment. The action cycles nicely but it does not feel the same as 40Rc EDM cut 416SS. I am finding that is not important to everyone. So, I will offer them 3 ways. Here are the prices (taking into consideration the current cost of Grade 5 Ti hardened):
Prices are for the Ti action with chrome moly bolt with deep spiral flutes, SS handle; SS bolt stop, dual pinned SS recoil lug and fluted aluminum shroud.

Short action with no PVD-$1600.00
Long action with No PVD-$1650.00
Short action with PVD treated bolt-$1680.00
Long action with PVD treated bolt-$1730.00
Short action PVD treated action body, shroud,bolt stop, recoil lug,bolt body–$1900.00
prices are for the Ti action with chrome moly bolt with deep spiral flutes, SS handle; SS bolt stop, dual pinned SS recoil lug and fluted aluminum shroud.

Ti Alpine

Ti action side view