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Borden Rimrock LSR 338 Win Mag Hunting Rifle

Borden Rimrock LSR 338 Win Mag Hunting Rifle


slightly used Borden 338 Win Mag Rifle

Borden Rimrock LSR action with 1 piece bolt

Hart #3 24 inch barrel, 1 in 10 twist

Jewell HVRTS trigger

Borden Rimrock Stock pillar bedded and texture finished Black over Light OD Green

machined BDL floorplate system

Talley Steel bases and Talley 1 inch rings

$4000 plus case, pack, ship, insure

optional-add muzzle brake–$225.oo

Mustr be shipped to FFL or picked up at shop

if picked up or shipped to FFL in PA add 6% sales tax


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