Borden Tube Gun Rifles

Enjoy a Tube Gun with a Borden Tube action that is the ultimate in smoothness and operation and is unparalleled for precision and quality.

We will assemble your tube rifle around a Tube Gun kit drop shipped to us from you or Competition Shooting Stuff. Purchase the barrel, barrel fitting, Bix and Andy or Trigger Tech trigger from us along with one of our tube gun actions and we can assemble and test the rifle for function, feeding and alignment of the scope rail.

Tube Gun price with your kit: $3,000.00

Includes: Hart, Brux or Krieger barrel fitted and chambered to caliber of your choice as long as we have reamer. We can purchase reamer or use your reamer if we do not have cartridge that you want, Trigger Tech trigger or Bix and Andy Trigger, Sight band turned on barrel, clip system tested if clip fed, scope rail aligned and pinned. Seat depth gauge provided.

Subtract $300 if you have a barrel blank drop shipped to us..

Maintenance Schedule

Follow the following timeframes for optimal performance

  • Replace firing pin spring – Every 5,000 Rounds
  • Use Mil-Com bolt lube after ever cleaning behind the lugs
  • Do Not use acid to clean carbon debris

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